What Is William Hill 49s Bingo?
June 5, 2017 Casino

Bingo is one of the nation’s favourite games, with millions playing various online games each week. The preference from a traditional game in a bingo hall has moved dramatically over the years as access to the internet and personal computers has grown.

One of the leading online bingo companies is William Hill, who are obviously more traditionally known for their sporting brands both on the High Street and online. These days they offer online gambling in the shape of casino, bingo, poker and now the lottery.

How Do I Play William Hill 49s?

It’s actually very similar to the old national lottery game but you don’t have to buy the tickets through a separate provider.

William Hill’s 49s game involves betting on the outcome of each bingo/lottery game. Choose between one and five numbers from the pool of numbers (typically 1 through to 49) or go with a lucky dip option if you can’t decide. You can also choose a bonus ball if you’d like one, although if you do your odds will shorten.

You can select a particular game but if you don’t mind then you’ll be placed into the main draw by default. You can also bet the same numbers over again on future draws if the choosing of particular numbers seems stressful!
Once the game has taken place and the results announced you’ll then be able to claim your prize. Matching one number does mean you’ll win something, but as with all lottery games the more numbers you match, the more money you win!

There are different games that you can select and the odds so vary slightly. For example, the odds of matching three numbers in the 49s six-ball game are 626/1, compared to 1251/1 in the New York Lotto. The biggest prize that can be won is in the 49s six-ball game, where the odds of matching all five numbers are 160,001/1.

What Different Lottery Games Can Be Played?

Whilst the William Hill site concentrate on a smaller number of games that its competitors they are known as the most popular brands available on this market. These include the Irish Lotto, New York Lotto and 49s games. Each game takes place twice a week.

The Irish Lotto also offers additional draws alongside the main game, meaning that William Hill Lotto players still have plenty of chances to win.

What Offers Do William Hill Have For New Customers?

Any new customers to William Hill Lotto receive a free matched bet when they sign up, while William Hill occasionally runs lottery bonuses whereby players can bet on all six numbers (excluding the bonus ball) for a £1 million jackpot prize. Crazy about 49s? So is William Hill, and they want you as their customer!

How Much Can I Win?

The rules about your winnings are really based on how much you have had put down as a stake each time you play.
The guidelines on how much this would be is as below:

• Choose 1 number(s), get 1 correct: 7 x Stake
• Choose 2 number(s), get 2 correct: 58 x Stake
• Choose 3 number(s), get 3 correct: 626 x Stake
• Choose 4 number(s), get 4 correct: 8501 x Stake
• Choose 5 number(s), get 5 correct: 160001 x Stake

So with loads of money to win and some great games to play it’s well worth a look.

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