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Why Compare Premier League Odds?
May 1, 2015 Advice

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The search for the best Premier League odds is one that gamblers around the world spend hours on every day – but why shop around so much and bother trying to compare premier league odds?

Why Bother Compare Premier League Odds?

The English Premier League is one of the most competitive and watched football leagues on the planet, which means one thing – big money spent on betting. The money that Sky Sports have ploughed into the industry, and which BT Sports now continue to do also as part of their bid for more live games, has meant that every match is now advertised heavily with huge importance. With that comes adverts about how you can bet on the games and a whole heap of choice to go with it.

The only problem is that the company with the largest budget for advertising quite often becomes the leader in having people bet with them, even if their Premier league odds are not as competitive as others. When big games are played they are very often sponsored solely by one company who control all the betting-related adverts during advert breaks and also any in-ground betting too.

This of course is not always the best thing for the punters out there who want to get the best Premier League odds for the game they are watching. There will be many other offers out there that people want to grab hold of that might be a lot better than the ones flashed up by some gurning actor on a TV advert!

For that reason there are sites out there that allow for the comparison of odds for games that mean that a small amount of research puts more money into your pocket. These sites cover a wide number of markets, sometimes in-play, and offer huge enhanced odds offers based on users opening accounts with them or even for existing customers to make sure that they stay loyal. These are not the kind of offers that the companies can afford to put on TV so sometimes can fall under the radar. An example can be companies such as Coral or Bet365 that occasionally offer guaranteed cash wins – one of their most famous being them offering odds of 5/1 for Brazil to wear yellow in their first World Cup match against a team that always played in red!

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