What Types Of Roulette Are There?

Spinning the wheel in the casino is one of the most iconic images out there, betting on red or black and then sitting back to see which way the ball is going to fall. But what kind of roulette is your favourite? There aren’t that many types available, but there’s a very important difference between the European and American games and there’s even some differences between the in-person, online and live casino games like the ones at https://casino.paddypower.com/live/roulette. So, in order to give you a quick primer on what you need to know to get the most out of roulette, have a look at this!

The difference between the European and American game

European and American roulette are the names attributed to two different kinds of roulette wheel, the single zero and double zero wheels. The zero tile is in place in order to give the casino a house edge: by having slots dedicated to the house then there’s a chance every spin that the house will win. Although it is also possible to bet on the zero tile, the way the pay-out is calculated ensures that splitting the chips will mean you don’t end up with a major win afterwards. Having a zero tile ensures that the casino will have some edge, but when a wheel has two zero slots then the house edge will be doubled.

This is why the majority of gamblers who enjoy playing these games will gravitate towards the European version of the game, it’s simply better odds. In the past, there was even a third zero tile on some American wheels (but with the image of an eagle on it in order to avoid having a three-figure long character) but given how severely it affected the odds, it was quickly abandoned in favour of just the double zero.

In-Person, Online or Live?

Besides the different varieties of roulette you can play, there’s also the matter of whether you should be playing roulette face to face with someone, over the internet, or be enjoying the live experience that you can get online. Well, there’s a difference in how the game feels for all three of these.

The games that you play in person have a certain thrill as it turns the game into an experience, you dress up nicely, place your bets and enjoy an evening. The big difference between this and the other versions is speed. The in-person version of roulette will be a slower paced affair as the chips have to be counted and pay-out arranged in between spins. Whereas if you play online it’s less personal, but the game is much faster. You set your bets, the wheel is spun, winners get their winnings and the wheel is ready to go again. Of course, the best combination of these is playing in a live casino. You can address the dealer, place your bets and get the personal experience whilst maintaining speedier play and easier pay-outs.

So which version of roulette is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!