Premier League Preview: Teams Under Threat…

Premier League Winners Odds

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With the title decided, top 4 probably already decided (unless Man United REALLY mess things up) and a cluster of clubs competing not to get into the Europa League, the only thing that is of real interest in the last few games of the season is the battle to beat the drop.

You’d think that Sky and BT Sports would be desperate to show the games involving the teams at the drop – Sunderland, Aston Villa, Leicester, Newcastle and Hull City, right? Wrong. They are showing the teams that are nestled in the top 4 positions instead. Thanks Sky/BT. So, onto the game and the offers.

Games Of The Weekend

These are the matches involving the five teams battling it out to avoid relegation:

Everton v Sunderland
Aston Villa v West Ham
Hull City v Burnley
Leicester City v Southampton
Newcastle United v West Brom

This does not look good for Sunderland, although remember that Everton lost at home to Sunderland 1-0 last season (after having 24 shots on goal and somehow losing) and do have trouble breaking teams down that come to defend against them. Plus Everton lost against Aston Villa last week and seemed to have one eye on the beach, whilst Sunderland got a great win against Southampton…

… which is what Leicester City need this week! Great link, eh? I can see Leicester winning against a Southampton team that are slipping away from a place in Europe.

In the other games, Aston Villa should be good enough to see off West Ham with Benteke in some great form, Hull City will easily beat Burnley (who are basically relegated) and Newcastle… well surely they have to win at least a point at some point? They have lost 8 games in a row but they must have enough to win this game. Won’t they?

Chelsea v Liverpool

The biggest game of the weekend in the eyes of Sky is Chelsea v Liverpool, and most of the betting offers that are published this weekend will no doubt be for this game. I guess when the fixtures came out this was seen as a potential title decider.

With Chelsea being the title winners and with Mourinho openly hating Liverpool it will be interesting to see how the game pans out. Liverpool will want to win the match as revenge for Chelsea stopping them win the league last season and to also keep them in the hunt for the top four.

And will Chelsea get a guard of honour from the Liverpool players? Tradition says they should, so lets hope it happens. Not that Steven Gerrard will be too impressed with doing it…

With Liverpool having troubles up front all season and Chelsea’s defence being superb this season I can see a low-scoring game. Liverpool might even be happy with a draw, and I can see it being either a goalless or low-scoring draw.