Physical v Online Casinos – Which One Is Best?
February 2, 2017 Advice

These days there are two clear options for those who fancy playing at the casino. Do you get in your car and drive to a local casino, possibly travelling miles to get to venue? Or do you simply log onto your laptop and play one of the thousands of online casino games that are available to you? Each possibility has its benefits, and we’ll have a look at both.

Physical, traditional casinos have been available to play at for hundreds of years. The excitement of entering such a building and playing for actual cash in your hand will always be available to punters. The social interaction available and the ability for both serious gamblers and those who play for fun to join in is evident. Personally I like to go to a casino on a regular basis with friends as part of a night out, but I’m more of a fun gambler with a certain budget! The atmosphere is great, the drinks are normally cheap (they like to keep you there so entice you with free/cheap drinks) and the feeling of playing with cash is great fun.

I have, however, started playing online casino a lot more these days. I thought it was just me getting older – why would I want to leave my couch and go out in the cold? It seems that the demographic goes from late teenagers through to the older generation though.

The benefits over the physical casinos are plentiful. The graphics are excellent these days for starters and I love the bonuses that you can be given simply by being a loyal customer at one of the live casino brands. You can be given plenty of rewards online plus opportunities to win plenty of spot prizes across a huge number of companies. There are regular giveaways like Match Bonuses, Free Spins, Loyalty points and more going out on a weekly basis and online casinos go the extra mile to make sure the player gets spoilt with promos and tournaments to take part in.

While the experience is a lot less social, there is more privacy and more appeal in some ways to enjoying the best of the casinos straight from you couch at home. If you’ve signed up to a reliable casino, the software used (like Microgaming™) is usually highly realistic and the graphics, game play and sound effects are great.

As long as you’re playing at a safe and trusted casino, I would definitely recommend playing casinos online!

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