Make your dream come true: Open your own Sportsbook

We know that you are an avid gambler or punter, aren’t we all, the adrenaline that an exciting and close game gives us has no match, it’s second to none. But we are so used to being on the betting side of the business that we never stop to think about being the bookie. Wouldn’t that be great?

Maybe it’s just a pipe dream, but what do you really need to open your own Online Sports Book? We’ll give you a quick introduction, you’ll have to figure some things on your own, especially the legal ones, depending on the country you live in.

The online betting craze has taken over the world, from the comfort of your home you can place bets on any sporting event in the planet, and you can be on the winning side of that deal. Maybe in not so distant future you can be one of the big ones, just like these recommended sportsbooks.

Like in any business you need some money to invest, and if we are taking about a sportsbook you will need plenty, because you have to be able to pay the prizes to the winners, and sometimes they win big time in an upset. You also need a physical space to make it your operations center, and the right hardware that is going to accommodate your server.

You’ll need to hire some employees to help you with day to day tasks once the website is functional and online. But before that you need to design a beautiful but potent website. And then comes the legal part, you’ll have to pay the respective licenses. You will also need to play for top tier security for the website, encryptions that can make gamblers feel safe when they make bets on your site.

After the financial matters are resolved we need to address the knowledge part. You need to be an expert, or hire consultants, in all the most popular sports from around the world. You need more than just football and basketball, in a real betting site you must include cricket, volleyball, darts, curling, and all those exotic sports that you’ve never heard about.

You’ll also need to hire a betting expert to help you with all the special bets you need to offer in an event, like Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Exact Score, Double Chance, etc. You will also need some expert mathematicians to help you out with the odds and bonuses, there is no margin for mistakes when it comes to money. And finally you need some customer service employees to help you with a live chat and a phone number where clients can reach you.
These are just the basic things you need to open your own sportsbook, it may seem like a dream, but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.