Bet365 Cash Out – What Is It?

bet365 cash out

The Bet365 Cash Out system is relatively new to the betting world, and is an evolution of both the way that betting has become accessible for more and more people, and the fact that competition between the betting companies has never been bigger. Each company is looking for an edge so as to bring customers in and keep them loyal.


What Is Bet365 Cash Out?

The development of the Bet365 Cash Out came as an extension of their vast in-play markets, which became their particular selling point above other betting companies. Other betting companies had started to offer this already, but with the ability to bet on most matches during the event and then stop the bet early this became very attractive to punters. Other bookies would offer the same function but only on a certain range of matches.
So how does the Bet365 cash out work? Well, in basic terms, it gives you the possibility of betting on an event and then, before the match is over, pulling a percentage of your money out as guaranteed profit.

To give an example, if you were to bet on a team to win at odds of 5.0 and put £20 on that event then your potential winnings would be £100. What Bet365 cash out allows you to do is, if your team is winning (or even if not) to take a percentage of those potential winnings – obviously the winnings awarded go up the closer to the end of the game. So if your team is winning 1-0 with 5 minutes to go and the other team are pushing for an equaliser Bet365 will offer, let’s say, £90.

The choice is – do you take the cash by pressing the “Bet365 Cash Out” button? Or wait and see?

You can also use the Bet365 cash out to bet on accumulators of different matches. For example, if you were to bet on four matches, with one starting later than the first three games you could essentially cash out any offered winnings by Bet365 before or during the last match.

So if you bet on 4 teams to win at odds of 8.0 and at £10 and your first three teams all won there is a possibility that Bet365 would offer you around 50% of your projected winnings at that point (so a profit of £40 based on this example). If you then lost your confidence due to your chosen team’s star striker suddenly being unexpectedly dropped/injured you could indeed cash out those winnings without needing to worry about the last game.