Get 12/1 Enhanced Odds For Arsenal To Beat Bayern Munich!

Arsenal v Barcelona Enhanced Odds

That’s right, Betfair have released 12/1 Enhanced Odds For Arsenal To Beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League this week.

Quite frankly this is a game that Arsenal absolutely have to win to stand any chance at all of staying in the Champions League this year. They have made a right royal cock-up so far of their group with defeats against both Dinamo Zagreb away and then Olympiakos at home following some hilarious defending (sorry – it wasn’t funny if you were an Arsenal fan).

This has left them in dire straits in the group, with Bayern so far leading the way with 6 points from two games (with 8 goals and none conceded) whilst Olympiakos and Zagreb both have 3 points each. With those two playing each other Arsenal will be desperate for them to draw the match whilst they pick up a home win themselves.

How Do I Get 12/1 Enhanced Odds For Arsenal To Beat Bayern Munich!

It’s really quite simple – all you need to do is get yourself an account with Betfair, who are offering these generous odds to new customers.

Once you’ve opened the account you will be offered the enhanced odds and can place a bet on the match.

Remember though, it doesn’t end there – if your bet doesn’t win then you will be given £20 as a free bet anyway! And if you want to get other great odds check out the latest enhanced odds page.

Are They Likely To Beat Bayern Munich?

Well here’s the problem. Bayern Munich are quite good. Not only are they 100% from their CL group but they are also 100% in the Budesliga, with 9 wins out of 9 matches so far. They’ve scored 29 goals and conceded just 4, and in Lewandowski have the World’s most prolific striker right now. He’s got 12 goals in the league so far including that amazing 5-goal haul against Wolfsburg who were in second place at the time.

In other words, if Arsenal are going to get anything from the game they have to play pretty well. Fairly perfectly actually.

If you think that Bayern can easily beat Arsenal there is of course another option – you can get Bayern to beat Arsenal at 5/1 instead! That’s right, make money from being a complete turncoat and bet against your country! It’s just business after all…

So go for those odds or get the Enhanced Odds For Arsenal To Beat Bayern Munich ASAP!